Italian heritage, Canadian born, living in the USA.

Trained in ballet, opera and theater Chiara spent the early part of her life in ballet classes, rehearsals and performances. It was her studies in the classical arts that refined her aesthetics early on in life.

Continuing her education Chiara earned her undergrad from both the School of Communication and Media and School of Music and Fine Arts from the beautiful Palm Beach Atlantic University where she was the first student to graduate as the top student from both schools earning the Outstanding Graduate Award in both departments. Throughout her dance career, Chiara was fortunate enough to perform with national and internationally renowned companies including but not limited to Miami, Los Angelas, New York, Toronto and Palm Beach and was even invited to audition to La Scala Theatre in Italy.

She transitioned into fashion writing though her first blog which she eventually re-branded into CASIRAGHIStyle.com. Apart from managing her own online brand Chiara is also the Online Editor in Chief for Los Angeles publication, LAPALME Magazine where she curates and manages content inlcuding weekly online covers, editorials, celebrity interviews, beauty and fashion trends.

Chiara continues to share fashion, travel, beauty and elevated living content that can still be attainable. Her readers love luxury aesthetics and brands but are savvy shoppers and appreciate how Chiara curates her content between brands at different price points.

Champagne Taste on a Prosecco Budget


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    1. Thanks so much! That means a lot to me that you like Pied a Terre <3 I have seen the Very Inspiring Blogger Awards on peoples blogs but I'm not 100% how it works so I'll be checking it out 🙂

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