Best Coffee Shops in Houston

Best Coffee Shops in Houston

Best Coffee Shops in Houston (According to Me)

Finding a good coffee outside of Italy (ok maybe Europe) can be quite the task. Luckily for us coffee lovers in Houston we have quite a wide variety of coffee shops that do our favorite cup of warmth justice! When weaving through the city on a busy day if you find you need to refuel in lieu of your generic coffee spot stop by on of these more interesting locations.

In no particular order below are some of my go-to coffee spots.

1. Toute Suite –downtown gem all around
2. Cavo –husband’s favorite
3. Melange Creperie– because crepes + coffee is a winning combo
4. Floa small french escape in Rice Village
5. Common BondMontrose area go to and the pastries <3
6. Blacksmithif your inner coffee snob is on level 100
What are some of your fav spots?
Best Coffee Spots in Houston
Common Bond

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