My First Dance Audition In Four Years


If you read my last dance post you may be wondering how I can even think of auditioning, when my last ballet class put me out of commission for a whole weekend (and few days).

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So here’s how it all started…

I received an audition notice to my inbox as I am still on a few casting directors email lists. In the past I would have just ignored this email, I don’t do this anymore... but this particular morning when the Company-that-will-not-be-named yet email came through I recognized the show. I’ve actually performed this role with another company years ago. A small rush of adrenaline hit me as I read through the casting notice…

…am I really going to do this?  Am I really going to go into an open call when they only need 2 dancers? 

The Dilemma

The casting noticed said the dance roles (2 females) would be cast by a choreographer with his own company and to check out his work… so I clicked on the link offered in the email..

The direction and feel of his work is WAYYYYYYY out of my comfort zone. From what I could gather from the video it’s a mix of Moulin Rouge-looking burlesque with some ballet, Broadway, jazz, and theatrics. His dancers were strong, but scantily clad… which is the source of my hesitation. The dance role is small, and potentially out of my comfort zone but it’s a world class company, so how risqué can it really be?

Fear of Rejection

Everyone wants to be offered the job they’re going for out of sheer pride. Even if it’s not a good fit, or maybe there are hesitations about the role. Regardless of the situation, no one wants to be turned down. I the past I would never publically share an audition I was going on, I would rather report back good news (if I happened to land the gig). Rejection is something you get used to growing up in the Performing Arts, however instinctively you still try to shield yourself from as much of it as you can.  I used to think rejection, or not being hired, was a failure on my part and something to be hidden, but I have a different perspective now. I’d rather share every step regardless of the outcome because the journey is so much better than the destination.

Audition To Do List
  • Character shoes? I threw my last pair out because I didn’t think I would need them again… le sigh
  • Resume update: how can I make the past three years on “non-dance work” work for me?
  • Outfit: must make sure my audition #OOTD is strong.
  • Not suck… which might be tough since I’m coming back from a vacation where I did nothing but eat and lay on the beach! ( I’m not complaining)

If you want to follow along my audition process stay tuned to my Instagram (@casiraghistyle) because I will be sharing and updating, especially the day of audition (Saturday) as much as I can! 

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