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Real Italian Carbonara, How I Make It

Apparently, Carbonara is a controversial Italian dish with a few variations that everyone argues over who has the “right” recipe. Just to throw my Italian cred out there, both my parents are from Italy (mainland) and I am the first generation of my family born and living in North America. My great aunt zia Anna is an incredible cook with old recipes she will only share with immediate family. She’s the kind of Italian aunt to whom if you say ” oh, I’m a bit hungry” will pull out the whole fridge, start cooking and stuffing you until your never feel hunger again.

Today I am sharing the classic carbonara dish I grew up with. This is how my mom makes it, and this is how I will make it. This is a heavier dish for the winter months. Italians aren’t afraid of good carbs and fats as you can tell. Our philosophy is more about fresh quality ingredients and moderation.

Make this dish on a cold winter night before a big active day and you will have tons of energy!

Real Italian Carbonara


Bucatini (pasta) -13 oz

Organic Egg Yokes- 4

Pancetta – 4 oz

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – min. 3 tablespoons

Parmigiano Reggiano, freshly grated – 2 oz (add as preferred)

Half and Half –  2 tablespoons


1. In a skillet sizzle pancetta. Add 3 tablespoons of olive oil towards the end of the sizzling. Put on low heat or set-aside.

2. Bring pasta to boil.

3. Prep stainer and serving bowl next to the sink.

4. Add two tablespoons of cream to bottom of the serving bowl

5. When cooked, strain pasta well and transfer to the serving bowl.

6. Fold in egg yokes, pancetta and, Parmigiano. Mix ingredients together making sure the egg does not cook.

7. Transfer to plate and serve.

* some prefer carbonara with black pepper. My family does not like pepper so we don’t use this ingredient but if you do,  freshly grated peppercorn can be added to the pancetta while sizzling.




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