Skort is the Answer


Has anyone else been feeling the heat this summer? Summer’s in Houston are what I imagine it would be like to live in an oven, an oven with a high humidity index. Outdoor activities range from energy draining to dang near impossible. Sitting on the patio for brunch become a torture technique! Imagine all the secrets your friends might spill when delirious from the heat!

With the rise of the hems, especially in the summer heat, the short shorts + mini skirt combo is not an item to pass over this year. The skort is the perfect option for sporting a short hem around town while still have the security of shorts.

This one from Richely Clad looks like an adorable accordion pleated skirt. I wore it monochromatically with a nude clutch from YSL and lace up neutral heels. Houston summer heat doesn’t have me beat yet!

Photos by Christine Lee

Skort is the Answer


Skort is the Answer Skort is the Answer Skort is the Answer Skort is the Answer

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