My Tips for Weight Loss and Healthier Living in 2018

A new year is usually the time we want to set new intentions for a better life. Today I am sharing what I have learned and do myself for, lack of a better word with high Google search ranking, weight loss and living a healthier in 2018.

When I lived in the U.K for 3 months I was at my heaviest weight ever- with the exception of college, freshman semester. And it wasn’t really the “weight gain” that bothered me. I don’t really care about numbers, but how soft I looked, that bothered me. Having danced ballet for 20+ years I was pretty used to having abs, and muscle definition in general. After ending my dance career I was able to maintain a similar muscular aesthetic. Cue 3 months in London, eating teas and clotted cream, I noticed a difference. In my defense, I was trying to keep warm in the 27-degree weather, it’s ALWAYS cold there! But I digress…

My Tips for Weight Loss and Healthier Living in 2018

1. Start the Day Right!

I preach raw apple cider vinegar and lemon water. I try and start my day with 1 glass of this mixture. The typical suggestion is one tablespoon of the raw apple cider vinegar to 8 ounces of water. I will squeeze a lemon wedge into the drink and drink it on an empty stomach, before breakfast and coffee.

2. Tech Help

Fitbit. #notsponsored I swear! Fitbit is a great little piece of tech that keeps me accountable for the amount of exercise I do each day ( and so much more ).  I set my Fitbit to help me get more “active minutes” but you can set it to “fat burn” and “steps if you want to walk more. Fitbit also buzzes me when I have been “inactive” for too long, which
is great for those of use behind a computer most days.

3. Add Before You Subtract

Find ways to add to your “diet” rather than subtract. Try adding healthier foods like cucumbers           (amazing for hydration as well) etc.

4. Prioritize Your Food

Fill yourself with the good stuff first. Rather than denying the tasty food I crave (bacon anyone?) I make sure it is 1. balanced out with a healthy veggie on my plate, fresh spinach for example 2. I try and get full on the “healthy” foods first and save the bacon, in this example, for when I’m full, thus eat less of it. –I’m totally craving bacon now, so this may have backfired. 

5. Take Advantage

Benefit from what is around you. There is SO much exercise content on YouTube, Blogs, Instagram. You can watch a yoga video on Youtube, find a great weights routine on Pinterest. There is no excuse for missing a fat burn in 2018.

6. Walk It Out

I aim for a 30-minute walk/run every day. Some days are more walking than running, but I notice the improvement in my stamina within a couple of days! Adidas pure boost are my favorite walking/ running shoes #notsponsored. I find I have so much energy from the support they give, I could walk for days without my legs losing energy- or at least it feels that way. They definitely give me a boost!

7. Go Sugar-Free at Home

There is no sugar in my house. We have only honey and agave to sweeten things like tea (I hate sweeteners). Your taste buds will switch over quickly. Of course, I’ll have cookies and treats that have sugar as an ingredient, but I limit the amount a lot.

8. Healthy Habits become a Lifestyle

It takes 20 days or 3 weeks for a repeated action to become a habit. Think about what healthy habits you want to implement in your life and stick to it for 3 weeks – the rest should be cake- opps sorry.

My Tips for Weight Loss and Healthier Living in 2018

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